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Feisou shampoo may cure seborrheic alopecia with its new ingredient

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Feisou shampoo may cure seborrheic alopecia with its new ingredient

August 15
17:22 2019

Seborrheic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss, and male suffers from this more than women. In general, the process of seborrheic alopecia in men is that the hairline recedes in an M shape until the hair fall off with the top of the head; in women, hair thinning begins at the top of the head.

There are many factors that cause greasy alopecia, including heredity, age, environment, and even long-term mental depression and tension, sufficient sleep can also cause alopecia.

Western medicine believes that under normal circumstances, human hair papillae have abundant blood vessels, which provide adequate nutrition for hair papillae and hair follicle bulb cells, thus successfully synthesizing hair growth hormone. The adverse stimuli mentioned above can cause the blood vessels to fail to function properly. At this time, the nutritional synthesis is hindered, the production of ATP substances with cellular energy function will be blocked, and the synthesis of proteins will not be possible. Hair matrix cells will lose vitality. The nutrients of medulla and sebum parts of hair will be reduced, keratinization will begin, hair follicles will begin to atrophy or necrosis, and hair will fall off in large quantities.

Not everyone who suffers from seborrheic alopecia will spend a lot of money on hair transplantation. Especially in the seborrheic alopecia group, men are the majority, and most of them choose to let nature take its course. So what should people pay attention to in their daily life to reduce or control hair loss?

Some foods should be eaten less: high-fat foods can cause the body to secrete too much oil, which affects the function of hair follicles; chocolate and other foods containing a lot of sugar and carbonated drinks can affect the body’s absorption of other vitamins, and even cause hormonal imbalance, leading to hair loss.

Besides paying attention to diet, people should also be cautious in choosing hair care products. Although there are many shampoos in the market advertising the effect of promoting hair growth, in fact, once hair loss develops to the middle and late stages, it is basically irreversible, and people are usually advised to reduce hair loss.

feisou HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo can be a wise choice for people. Compared with other shampoos, feisou adopts amino acid surfactants to remove excess oil from peoples hair. It is with a pH value that is similar to the one of human skin, which makes the shampoo be milder to the fragile scalp. This shampoo is enriched with ginger root oil and tea tree leaf oil, combined with nicotinamide, promoting the blood circulation in the scalp, strengthening hair roots and reducing hair loss. This shampoo also has a certain oil control effect, which means it is quite suitable for people with oily hair.

Using a good shampoo and keeping a healthy die are two pieces of advice for people with seborrheic alopecia.

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