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Lipo Sculpt London Offers New Quick and Painless Cryopen Skin Procedure

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Lipo Sculpt London Offers New Quick and Painless Cryopen Skin Procedure

August 15
01:55 2019

London, UK – Lipo Sculpt is a popular cryo lipolysis treatment centre in London that specialises in giving clients the confidence that they deserve. Lipo Sculpt offers a range of services, from the fat remover cryo lipolysis to the anti-ageing service of Hifu. Lipo Sculpt did not stop here, however, and their newest service is called Cryopen.

Cryopen is a minimally-invasive, skin freezing procedure that rids the face of imperfections. It works by one of their trained professionals holding an applicator as close as possible to the skin imperfection, allowing it to move towards and away from the site quickly. Depending on the size of the imperfection, this process could take anywhere between one to thirty seconds. Most people find that this process is painless, and those who do feel some sort of discomfort find that it goes away within minutes of the treatment.

Find out more about the treatment here:

This treatment is used for different kinds of skin imperfection removal, like milia, benign moles, skin tags, ageing spots, and more. While the treatment is meant to reverse the effects of skin imperfections, one of the side effects is a discoloration in the skin shortly after the process. However, these effects should go away within a few days.

Lipo Sculpt’s new service has only added to the list of services offered at their treatment centre, and it is likely that they will continue expanding their range of services as technology improves. The company aim to find new ways to help clients feel comfortable in their own skin.Besides their new Cryopen treatment, Lipo Sculpt also offers a service called cryo lipolysis that freezes out fat cells in the clients’ desired areas, and a wrinkle removing service called Hifu that allows clients to reduce ageing symptoms in their face.

The company itself spans all throughout the UK, from Northamptonshire to Wiltshire, but the London base covers 15 local areas like Barnet, Brent, Sutton, and Westminster.

Overall, Lipo Sculpt is an ever-expanding company that will likely keep coming up with new ways to allow their faithful customers to love the way they look.

Lipo Sculpt offers all kinds of treatments in order to better serve those in London who desire a change in their bodies and skin. Whether they want to shed some fat cells or rid their face of skin tags, Lipo Sculpt has a lot of the technology needed to give them the flawless look that they want.

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