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Mr Carve M3: Versatile Frame Laser Engraver for all Materials Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Mr Carve M3: Versatile Frame Laser Engraver for all Materials Launches Kickstarter Campaign

May 24
09:36 2022
Engrave or cut virtually anything, quickly, precisely, and on a large scale – from jewelry, stationery, plastic, metal, glass, and more. Interested supporters can fund the project on Kickstarter.

United States – Mr Carve has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its innovative product called Mr Carve M3, the most versatile frame laser engraver & cutter for all materials. The earlier version of this product Mr Carve M1 that was launched last year was a phenomenal success. Encouraged by its success, the team has evolved the breakthrough technologies from M1 and updated it to M3 including a smaller infrared laser head, but a larger working area. The upgraded product is packed with outstanding features and is designed for multiple uses.

“The Mr. Carve M3 is the world’s most versatile laser engraver and cutter, with industrial-grade power and versatility,” says a representative from Mr Carve. “Individually designed swappable IR and blue laser heads, Rotating axes, Air filters, Heightening blocks, and an effective working area of 40*40cm allows you to be creative without being limited by materials, shapes, and objects. The M3 includes its own software and is widely compatible with other programs including LightBurn. You come up with an idea and M3 makes it real.”

The latest M3 laser engraver and cutter is built using advanced technology and is capable of carving metal and almost all types of materials in large areas, bringing all your projects to life.

M3 has swappable laser heads. It features laser heads of both colors (Blue and infrared laser) to cover all your engraving and cut needs. The blue laser can engrave and cut almost all non-metal materials. The infrared laser head can engrave on virtually any metallic as well as some non-metal materials. As a bonus, the infrared laser features the smallest size on the market.

Another striking feature of M3 is that it features an industrial-grade linear guide rail instead of the pulley track design used for ordinary frame laser engravers on the market. It allows the laser head to be guided by a continuous motion, which results in higher precision, faster speed, and longer service life than ordinary frame engravers.

M3 has a super-fast engraving speed of 200mm/s which lets you accomplish more and bring your creative ideas to life in the shortest time.

Pic: Bring your creative ideas to life in the shortest time possible with M3’s super-fast engraving speed

It has a rotary roller that contributes to 360° engraving capabilities, which means virtually any shape can be engraved upon easily.

M3 makes it easy to engrave and etch repetitively in mass production with efficiency. Etch your own personal gifts, souvenirs for friends and family, or even run a small business with the M3.

M3 is designed to focus conveniently for the infrared laser head, which features a fixed focus column. Just flip down the fixed focus column on the side, adjust the height of the lifting slider until the column touches the surface of the engraving object. The focal length is set easily and swiftly.

M3 offers pro-level engraving to the at-home artisan. Simply connect a smartphone or computer via USB/Bluetooth, choose your photo, and M3 transforms it into a vector image for easy engraving or cutting. Virtually anyone can use M3 to bring their creative ideas to life, from first-time users to experienced professionals alike.

With the M3, you can work offline in manual mode, and not have to worry about losing your work in the event of power failure. The intelligent design has been upgraded with a one-click button for offline engraving, which means that you can set up M3 to engrave in large batches and it will memorize your pattern even without a constant connection.

The team at Mr Carve has worked hard to come out with a product that is set to be a clear winner in its category.

“We constantly strive to exceed customers’ expectations. Our team is passionate about developing innovative products and making life easy and fun for our users. M3 is designed to help you unleash your creativity,” remarks the spokesperson from the company.

People interested in backing the project can visit the Kickstarter campaign located at:

About Mr Carve

Mr Carve is a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technocrats with a vision to design innovative products to simplify the life of consumers. They have created and launched several successful products which have won them a loyal and growing customer base from across the world.

For more information about the company, visit the website at

To support the project, visit the Kickstarter Campaign page at:

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