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Finally, Remote Viewers are in for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

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Finally, Remote Viewers are in for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

September 11
04:46 2021

Remote Viewing is a revolutionary perceptual discipline. It allows people to receive knowledge that isn’t available to them through their normal senses. It has a long history as an intelligence collection instrument. A focus of research and application areas in the civilian world were being used intensively by “psychic spies” for military programs during the Cold War.

The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) is dedicated to encouraging responsible remote viewing use and development. They are a non-profit membership group made up of experts, remote viewing specialists, students, and other interested people in the subject. In addition, they provide free information to the public to inform and educate them on the nature and applications of remote watching and other perks to their supporting members.

While discussing remote Viewing and its qualities, it’s impossible not to mention the two most remarkable remote viewers of the time, Ruffo Caselli, a solitary genius who could see through space and time, and Ingo Swann.

Even though he received no training, Ruffo was a remote viewer and lived a lonely life dedicated to art. In contrast, Ingo Swann enhanced his natural abilities through training and became one of the most excellent impactful psychics of his time, paving the way for other notable remote viewers. Robotics, technological beings with microchips implanted, humanoids, hybrids, and biological entities from different dimensions were painted by Ruffo.

Ruffo’s art is exhibited right now in a museum in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Ruffo was a contemporary of Ingo Swann, a well-known artist and top remote viewer who became known as a forerunner of out-of-body experience. He was psychic and the enigmatic and successful author of numerous books in which he revealed unique insights about extraterrestrial life. Yet, while their canvases adorned walls a few blocks apart in New York City, the two artists never met in person. 

Ruffo is regarded as “the father of Cybernetic Existentialism who came to prominence at the prestigious private salon in New York City directed by art curator Carmen Gallo, whereas Ingo is called the “father of Remote Viewing.”


The art of Ingo and Ruffo was dedicated to exploring awareness beyond the confines of space and time and comprehending the polarity-free connectivity underlying its own inner and outer space.

Speaking of Ruffo’s work, several young generations admire and aspire to become remote viewers like them. To give them proper assistance and pave their way to become one, IRVA brings proficient services, including Aperture Magazine, CIA Stargate Archives, Conference Videos, and many more.

Determined people can visit the following links for further details:

To learn more about Ruffo’s work, visit and

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